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i-PRO technology leaves EDN with a perfect smile

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i-PRO imv micro cameras used to improve dental treatment across europe.

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i-PRO tecnology_casestudies

In 2001, Dr. Francesco Martelli founded the 'Institute for Research and Education' based in Florence. The Institute is a body which offers research and clinical training in the field of new dental technologies. This, in turn, led to the creation of EDN clinics. EDN clinics now have 135 members of staff and operate seven master clinics and 15 concessions within other surgeries across Italy, Denmark, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Technical support

EDN clinics differentiate themselves through their approach to dental treatment. The clinics use non-invasive and biological guided procedures, focused on periodontal health, with the combined use of dental microscopes genetic screening and laser technology. This approach is supported by their continual search for excellence in the field of high technology and innovative treatment for all procedures. The dental care team follow a rigorous training program in the specific periodontal treatment protocol devised by Dr. Martelli at the Institute of Research and Training in Micro dentistry.

Technological advancement

Another unique feature of EDN clinics is the use of optical dental microscopes for everyday dental treatment, from hygiene to surgery: the use of the dental microscope is mandatory in EDN and allows a delivery of precise and minimally invasive treatments, with less pain and more focused action.

All microscopes are equipped with Panasonic 1MOS or 3MOS C-mount cameras, integrated by Panasonic distributor Panamed. The cameras mean that the image is live streamed to a monitor, so that both the patient and the assistants can see in real time. It is also a requirement for all cameras to be connected to an external HD HDMI recorder.

"We came to a point where the SD cameras mounted on our microscopes weren't enough: we had the need for more resolution and convenient output formats like HDMI, that allows us to record the live image from the dental microscope while streaming it to a wall-mounted monitor." said Dr. Martelli, "Panasonic's range of cameras, from the simpler and smaller 1MOS C-mount camera to the 3MOS version used in our flagship clinic, delivered consistently good results and high reliability."

i-PRO solutions

The 1MOS and 3MOS C-mount cameras are Full HD and have a resolution of 900 TV lines and 1000 TV lines respectively. The cameras feature an individual colour range adjustment using a 16-axis (1MOS) and 12-axis (3MOS) colour matrix. This unique single colour enhancement provides excellent colour reproduction.

The cameras have high sensitivity and a high speed electronic light control which provides clearer images in all sorts of ambient light conditions.

"i-PRO cameras have proved really reliable over the years"

"Using i-PRO Full HD cameras mounted on our microscopes helped us to switch from SD to true HD, and the use of the same kind of camera on a vast number of microscopes straightened up our set-up and service activity, with only two kinds of cameras mounted in our microscopes. In some setups, the possibility to have both HDMI and HD-SDI outputs allowed us to view and record live footage simultaneously, with Full HD uncompressed quality. Also, Panasonic cameras have proved really reliable over the years, no hardware failures, even in case of prolonged intense use," said Giovanni Bandini, hardware engineer at EDN.

The 1MOS and 3MOS cameras also have a user-friendly on-screen menu, which means the micro camera can be controlled efficiently and easily. This ensures that parameters can be changed quickly during operation. In addition, personalised settings can be easily saved.

Margarita Zoussevitch, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said, "It's great to see how our IMV products are being used at EDN and how their technology based approach to dental treatment is being so positively received."

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