Our Purpose, Vision, Personality,
and the Code of Conduct

i-PRO Group aims to continue creating new value for today’s society in pursuit of our stated purpose and vision. We have therefore established a Code of Conduct for our business activities, and we pledge to all our stakeholders around the world to act in compliance with laws and ordinances with a strong sense of ethics as a responsible member of society.


i-PRO contributes to the security and safety of society.
We aim to earn the trust of all our stakeholders through fair and impartial compliance with society’s rules and integrity in dealings with all people involved with the business.

i-PRO respects human rights.
We deeply recognize that advanced technology has merits and demerits, and take the utmost care to ensure that human rights are not violated.

i-PRO’s business extends globally.
We show respect for the cultures, religious beliefs and values in each country and region of the world, mutually recognizing diversity, and delivering new value to people around the world.

i-PRO provides employees with opportunities for growth.
We respect the challenges undertaken by individuals, and remunerate appropriately for the results they achieve through their efforts.

i-PRO strives for technological innovation, to capture moments of truth.
We continue to improve our development and manufacturing technologies, gathering a wide range of partners with the same intentions, persisting to create new value without being bound by existing thinking.

  • Society
  • Environment
  • Governance

Section 1: Society

1) Respect for Human Rights

Policy on Respect for Human Rights

i-PRO respects the human rights of each individual based on international human rights standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Bill of Human Rights, while respecting the human rights legislation in the jurisdictions in which i-PRO operates.

We strive earnestly to understand each individual’s culture, religious background and values, etc. and interact with them with respect.

We pay attention to unconscious bias and unmindful discrimination hidden in existing practices and act in a way so as to actively realize higher-order concepts of human rights.

Privacy Protection

i-PRO understands the importance of personal information and strictly manages the personal information of customers, business partners and employees to ensure leakages do not occur while complying with local privacy laws. We also do not use this personal information illegally or improperly. Whether at work or outside of work, employees must not disclose or leak personal information they have become aware of in the course of their duty.

We have mutual respect for one another’s privacy.

Elimination of Discrimination and Harassment

i-PRO is committed to preventing and prohibiting acts of discrimination based on an individual’s attributes such as their race, ethnicity, nationality, place of origin, age, gender, religion, freedom of thought, sexual orientation, or disability, or any other protected grounds prescribed by local human rights legislation.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment, including sexual harassment in the workplace, or abuse of one’s senior position, status or rank, and we actively work to prevent it.

Prohibition of Child or Forced Labor

i-PRO prohibits labor performed by children under the minimum employment age and all forms of forced labor, under any circumstances, and will not knowingly have any business dealings or involvement with any individuals, companies or groups which engage in or are involved with human rights violations, including child labor or human trafficking. We manage young workers appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations.

In each country, we comply with all laws related to wages, remuneration, and other employment standards and pay wages that are appropriate to the labor performed. We prohibit any form of punitive wage deduction designed to tie employees to the company or their work.

2) Work Environment

Respect for Diversity (Diversity and Inclusion)

i-PRO believes that the diversity of each employee that makes up our company is the very source of value creation. We strive to create a work environment where employees with differing cultural backgrounds or attributes have respect for one another’s individuality and values, and where anybody can contribute in an expression of themselves. It is against our policy to discriminate in any way based on individuals’ attributes.

Employee Career Development

i-PRO strives to provide all employees with opportunities to utilize their talents to the fullest according to their abilities and ambitions. We clarify the details of the career and skill development that each employee hopes for, and actively support their independent endeavors.

Work-Life Balance

i-PRO trusts employees and provides the maximum discretion in regards to the time and place of work, so that each employee can strike an appropriate balance between work and personal life. We will ensure that each employee respects one another’s personal lives, and promote cooperation to create a constructive workplace for all employees.

Securing Appropriate Working Conditions

i-PRO complies with all regulations related to working conditions applicable in each country. In each country, we comply with all laws related to remuneration, and pay wages that are appropriate to the labor performed. We understand the relationship of long work hours to increased injury and illness, and do not require employees to work in excess of the work hours stipulated by law in each country.

Freedom of Association and Acknowledgment of the Right to Collective Bargaining

i-PRO respects the legal rights of employees to form labor unions or to join existing labor unions, and to engage in collective bargaining. We will not extend favors or unfair treatment to the leaders or members of labor unions.

3) Health and Safety

Work Safety

i-PRO complies with laws and ordinances related to health and safety, and reviews company policies relating to health and safety to ensure they are the most up-to-date. We aim to realize a comfortable workplace where all can enjoy health of body and mind, and can work in safety.

Preparedness for Emergencies

i-PRO has implemented measures to address accidents or disasters such as fires or explosions, and conducts prior evaluations of danger and harmfulness in an effort to reduce risks and to be able to prioritize the rescue of victims in emergencies and to minimalize harm.

Occupational Accident and Illness Measures

i-PRO sets goals aimed at eliminating occupational accidents, and formulates and implements health and safety plans to ensure they are achieved.

When accidents do occur, we conduct thorough investigations of causes and similar procedures and strive to prevent repeat incidents.

Industrial Health

i-PRO establishes and complies with its own policies and standards that fulfill legal requirements of laws and regulations related to health and safety, and also continuously conducts necessary and sufficient education and awareness-raising activities, striving to improve awareness of occupational health and safety.

Measures on Physically Demanding Tasks

i-PRO aims to ensure both mental and physical health, implementing mental health measures and measures to prevent health problems caused by long working hours, creating a comfortable workplace where fatigue and stress do not accumulate.

Equipment Safety Measures

i-PRO undertakes activities to achieve safety, including efforts to understand the true state of health and safety of sites, facilities, machinery and equipment, people’s behavior, etc., and checking the safety of equipment, etc. at the stage of purchase, and we also conduct periodic and pre-use inspections.

4) Corporate Citizenship Activities

Interaction with the Local Community and Social Contribution Activities

i-PRO is aware of its social responsibility to be a good corporate citizen, and aims to interact and achieve amity with the local community, and actively engages in volunteer and other activities that contribute to society, to assist the development of the local community.

Volunteer Activities

i-PRO actively supports employee participation in volunteer activities.

5) Relationship of Trust with Society

Product Quality Policy

i-PRO complies with laws, ordinances and regulations related to product quality and safety, providing products and services that can be used with peace of mind. We always strive for quality improvement from the perspective of the customer.

Provision of Appropriate Information related to Products and Services

i-PRO provides customers with necessary information related to products and services through appropriate means, and strives to produce information that is easy to understand in order to realize comfortable use.

Honest Communication

i-PRO takes the opinions and wishes of customers seriously, strives to understand their true nature, and to respond promptly and in good faith.

We aim to build partnerships whereby customers trust us, and are satisfied with our products and services.

Supplier Cooperation Policy

i-PRO works with suppliers worldwide and shares its basic principles with them. We strive to encourage suppliers so that together we can behave in a manner that is based upon our basic principles of ethical behavior, compliance with legal standards, and respect for the environment.

Request to Suppliers in Procurement

We request our business partner to share the policies and requirements of the “i-PRO Code of Conduct” with your employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders involved in the i-PRO Group’s business, and to understand and comply with them.

6) Information Management and Security

Information Security

i-PRO positions information security as one of its key management strategies, so that customers can use our products and services with peace of mind. We establish the necessary policies related to information security and protection of personal information and continuously conduct education and training for all employees in an effort to improve awareness and to comply with the relevant laws and ordinances of each country and region, and with in-house policies.

Information Disclosure

i-PRO records and preserves information related to its work and financial affairs and discloses this information externally in a manner that is legal, fair, timely and appropriate.

Social Media

i-PRO complies with laws and ordinances, social standards, and in-house social-media policy, maintaining a high degree of transparency in our communication of information when communicating information on social media. We makes a clear distinction between official messages on behalf of the company and those of individuals, and ensure that individuals’ communications comply with in-house policy so as not to be confused with communications by the company. In addition, regardless of whether it is the company or an individual who is communicating information, i-PRO protects non-public information and confidential information and respects the rights of third parties.

Section 2: Environment

Environmental Policy

i-PRO strives to continuously improve its environmental management systems with the aim to realize a sustainable society through its business activities, in order to fulfill its social responsibility as a company.

We enhance the awareness of employees towards environmental issues through education and training, and comply with laws, regulations, and ordinances and agreements related to the environment.

CO2 Emissions

i-PRO endeavors to reduce carbon emissions by striving to create and provide environmentally friendly products and services, lowering product power consumption and through energy saving at offices and plants during operating times, towards the realization of a low-carbon society.


i-PRO strives to effectively use resources used in business activities and to control emission of waste products, towards a recycling-oriented society.

Harmful Substances

i-PRO strives to appropriately manage chemical substances contained in products and used in manufacturing activities in order to protect the environment and to prevent environmental pollution.

Section 3: Corporate Governance

1) Governance

Governance Systems

i-PRO creates the necessary corporate governance systems in order to achieve timely and transparent management.

Appropriate Accounts Processing and Reporting

i-PRO strives for accuracy in accounting records and financial reporting that accompany its business activities and does not engage in deliberate falsification or falsifying conduct.

We comply with taxation laws in the countries and regions where we do business and with international rules, and pay taxes in each country and region in which we operate.

Internal Controls

i-PRO preserves accurate and reasonable work-related records and implements management and supervision aimed at regular examination of the effectiveness and improvement of internal control systems.

Whistleblowing System

i-PRO establishes a whistleblowing system including a hotline available for reporting and consultation/complaints regarding violations of company standards and internal policy, or of related laws and ordinances. Such consultations and reports are taken seriously, while guaranteeing the confidentiality regarding the fact and details of consultations/complaints, and we do not allow unfair treatment of, or reprisals against, the person who initiated the consultation/complaint, nor people who cooperate in investigations.

Business Continuity

i-PRO identifies, evaluates and makes improvements to address major risks that would seriously impact the business, and formulates and implements a business continuity plan (“BCP”) that compiles response actions for emergency situations.

In the unlikely event of a major risk arising, we will take a cross-divisional response based on this plan, etc., striving to achieve rapid restoration of our business base and to minimize the impact on stakeholders.

Intellectual Property

i-PRO guards assets related to intellectual property in order to maximize leverage of the value that it produces, and fulfills its responsibility for their use appropriately.

We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and do our utmost not to infringe upon them, while also taking appropriate measures in response to the infringement of i-PRO’s intellectual property rights by third parties.

2) Risk Management

Deterrence of the Actions of Antisocial Forces

i-PRO has absolutely no involvement with antisocial forces.

Terrorism-related Crisis Management

In the event of the occurrence of any type of terrorism, including cyber-terrorism, i-PRO aims at rapid restoration of social infrastructure and strives to minimize the impact on customers and stakeholders.

Natural Disaster-related Crisis Management

i-PRO strives to build and bolster its organizational crisis management system to respond to natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami and flood in order to ensure the safety of employees and continuation of business activities.

3) Compliance

Compliance with Competition Laws

i-PRO competes independently and fairly. We will not engage in illegal acts or use questionable means to obtain an advantage over rival companies.

Appropriate Business Transactions

i-PRO pledges to always be fair and honest in its dealings with customers and business partners, and will not engage in business dealings that are unfair or that deceive customers. We will properly communicate our sales policies and the details of transactions with customers, and will keep our promises.

Prohibition of Money Laundering

i-PRO complies with all anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism laws worldwide, will not be intentionally involved in money laundering, terror-related activities, or other organized crime, and takes adequate care in all processes of business dealings to ensure that the company is not used in such crime.


In all of the countries and regions where i-PRO engages in business, we will not offer money or goods such as services, gifts, or entertainment, etc. beyond the scope of internal policy, nor anything else of benefit, to public officials, and maintains highly transparent relations. We prohibit bribery and corruption in any form regardless of where we do business. At the same time, in private business transactions, we will not offer or receive money or goods such as gifts, or entertainment, or other benefits, beyond the scope of internal policy, for the purpose of obtaining inappropriate gains.

Prohibition of Conflict-of-interest Transactions

i-PRO is aware of its responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest that could harm the fairness of execution of its business duties. We will not engage in conduct that brings the interests of the company and our personal interests or individual gains into conflict. We will not inappropriately use company assets, property, information, or position to benefit ourselves, our relatives, friends, or acquaintances.

Security Export Control

i-PRO does not export products or related technologies that would hinder maintenance of international peace and security.

In regards to export transactions, we sufficiently confirm the identity and business operations of business partners, undertaking security-based export control to ensure that exported cargo and technology provided is not used in the development or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.

We undertake careful consideration of the feasibility of transactions in relation to cargo and technology export transactions regulated by relevant laws and ordinances, and take the necessary procedures in accordance with the relevant laws and ordinances.

Export and Import Regulation Management

i-PRO undertakes appropriate export and import customs procedures in accordance with related laws and ordinances.

We will not export goods whose export is prohibited nor import goods whose import is prohibited.