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C-series - giving you peace of mind with 3 Cs - Clarity, Connectivity and Convenience.

The series features a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor surveillance options for buildings, retail stores, hotel establishments and other applications. The IR cameras provide HD clarity in both day and night operations with unnoticeable video noise, accurate colour rendition and exposure control. Conventional analog users can upgrade to HD quality without tedious rewiring of cables. You no longer need to compromise on security and image quality.

Entry Level HD Analog Security Products. The range of entry level HD analog security products from i-PRO.


Entry Level HD Analog Security Products The range of entry level HD analog security products from i-PRO.

  • Static surveillance cameras offer advanced features to meet differing security needs

    Fusing superb image quality with cost performance, our vast range of static cameras is supported by a number of key features, all designed to deliver optimum performance in a variety of situations. Adaptive digital noise reduction (DNR) with 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR integration ensures that visual noise is reduced dramatically, thereby delivering sharper, cleaner images. The Auto Image Stabilizer also ensures that the camera is automatically adjusted and able to withstand different types of vibrations such as strong winds or passing trains, so that images remain clear, regardless of environmental factors.

    Other features include high sensitivity day/night capability, i-VMD (intelligent-Video Motion Detection) and Auto Back Focus (ABF) which ensures that the focus can be maintained in both colour and B/W modes.

    Some of the cameras within the range also feature a newly developed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which delivers improved image quality. Through the revolutionary Adaptive Black Stretch technology (which detects dark areas within the image), the image processing algorithm cleverly transforms shadows and dark areas into natural and crisp images.

    To fulfil the demands of security and surveillance applications, some of our network cameras feature Super Dynamic 6 technology, providing a 160x wider dynamic range, which far exceeds the cover offered by conventional cameras.

  • Versatile static dome cameras - easily installed for a variety of applications

    Our day/night dome cameras capture superbly clear images, are easy to install and can be freely positioned thanks to the 3-way hinge (horizontal, vertical and swivel rotation), which makes them simple to adjust and capable of providing a view of different scenes with ease.

    With vandal proof, all-weather housing, our static cameras offer high reliability for a whole host of applications, whilst our dome camera featuring Adaptive Black Stretch, i-VMD and ABF Technology comes with an optional heater, meaning it can operate in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C. It also comes complete with a dehumidification system to protect against condensation.

    With 1080p full HD image quality both day and night, multiple H.264 and JPEG streams and face detection, our dome cameras provide the ideal surveillance solution for 24/7 monitoring. Other features include an intuitive day/night function which allows for simple optimisation for low-light use, plus innovative three-dimensional colour conversion for natural colour reproduction.

  • PTZ dome cameras provides endless 360 degree coverage

    Our PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) dome cameras features Video Motion Detection (VMD), 36 x optical zoom with further 20 x digital zoom and Super Dynamic 6 technology for delivering vibrant images, even in the darkest of conditions. With 360 degree panning, you can be sure of continuous surveillance, while auto tracking ensures that the camera follows the largest moving object.

  • For recording and integrated control, i-PRO supplies the perfect solutions

    For recording and integrated control, i-PRO supplies the perfect solutions In addition to our range of surveillance cameras, we offer digital video recorders which provide full HD 1080i surveillance, while the intelligent-video motion detection helps to prevent the loss of crucial scenes. With easy search and save functionality, our digital video recorders offer real-time recording together with fantastic picture quality. Finally, our analogue matrix system allows for integrated control of up to 256 cameras and 32 monitor outputs and can also manage 1,024 alarms.

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